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Team Evotri presents the 9th annual Wisconsin Brick Adventure, or WIBA (WEE-bah). It's a self-supported weekend of brick workouts on the Ironman Wisconsin swim, bike, and run courses. Participate in a laid-back, train at your own pace introduction to the course with local athletes who have spent many hours in the area and who have competed in Ironman Wisconsin.


You, the triathlete. There's no need to be entered in Ironman Wisconsin. Just be able to complete long swims, rides, and runs at your own pace.


All sessions take place in Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding area on the Ironman Wisconsin swim, bike, and run courses. See the lodging options in downtown Madison for easy access to the course and associated activities of the weekend.


August 1-3, 2014 See the sample itinerary.


Eventbrite - Wisconsin Brick Adventure 2014

2014 Tentative Itinerary

All times and locations will be subject to change.

6:00 PM1:007:00 PM0:00Welcome DinnerTBD
7:00 PM0:457:45 PM1:45Course Overview/Chat
9:30 PM9:006:30 AM1:30SleepYour Bed (Hotels)
6:00 AM/
7:00 AM
1:007:00 AM/
8:00 AM
1:00Open Water SwimLaw Park - Official IMWI Swim Start
9:00 AM0:309:25 AM0:05Basic Bike Rules, Tips, Q&ASBR & RBS
9:30 AM3:00+Up to you0:30Bike ride
???0:455:15 PM0:00Run off bike (optional)
12:00 PM5:005:00 PM4:00Cook-out & Comaraderie
9:00 PM8:005:00 AM1:00SleepYour Bed
7:00 AM2:009:00 AM1:30Long RunRun Course
10:30 AM2:0012:30 PM0:15TBD
12:45 PM1:001:45 PM0:00LunchTBD by who ever is left
Course Support

All athletes are encouraged to bring their preferred endurance fuels on the course. For the bike, the course maps have the location of three Kwik Trips. These gas stations are more the happy to provide you with water, Gatorade, Snickers, and other goodies to keep you energized. All you have to do is bring a few American dollar bills along. They also take credit cards if that's your thing.


Check out the "wickedly cool" videos of all the courses thanks to SimplyStu.com!

Bike Course Maps (in PDF for your printing pleasure):

  • Full Course: Start at SBR/RBS, two loops and return (112 mi)
  • Single Loop: Start at SBR/RBS, one loop and return (~75 miles)
  • Two Loop: Start at SBR/RBS and complete two loops. (80 miles)
  • Run Course: We always start atop the Monona Terrace Parking on the east side (closest to the swim start).

Here's a map of all the spots involved in the WIBA weekend. The official swim course is in blue. We'll be on other side of the lake by the swimming icon. The bike course is green, while the run course is in red. All the nearby hotels have the bed icons. Click on each one to get a link to each one or see the list below.

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You're going to need a place to stay if you're from out of town. Here are some hotels in the downtown area:

Here's a list of hotels that Ironman Wisconsin has on their website. (MS Word Doc) (Source)


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us: wibainfo@gmail.com.